Marriage and Ministry

There was a time i was about to receive a barrage of seemingly reveling messages from Christian community, that one of the man of God is requesting a prayer for him and his wife for their marriage. Maybe the couple's marriage is under attack and they are currently separated. In my opinion this marital troubles are the result of demonic attack as a result of his faithfulness to minister during the recent outpouring from another place. No can help but feel that if Christians in the whole world will intercede for this man of God , laying down some cover fire rather than distressing him from his questionable ministry style; possibly his marriage would not be closing.

But there were an awful lot of spiritual giants laying hands on, defending and supporting this man of God. Let us all hope that they will not turn their backs on him. We just hope that they will conduct an assembly for him now that he needs them.

Let us now observe for the bigger concerns, I have a question for you my dear friends, is your marriage is under attack? Some part of my life I've heard ministries teach, that before anything else God will be the first in our priority. If your question why? Because if the same spirit that was raised by God almighty from the dead lives within the couples, and Christ is in the both of them the hope of glory to love each other and put God in the center.

Maybe there was a time that we thought God was the top of our list. Even not pastor if you could produce a good show and make the service a pleasant experience with all honesty the Christian ministry priority. Like any other observer of an event, we had to get and keep handle with care to meet overhead or we went belly-up. For additional facts and information about Marriage And Family Ministries, you can go to .

As a man of God the wife is the most important ministry. She will be having the right to correct you if you put her as the second place, if she feels like she's playing the second fiddles.  If having a choice between your wife and ministry, maybe even you are a man of God you can also have to take Christian couple counseling retreats to help you for your ministry too. That you can serve God at the same time you can be with your wife and with your ministry.

If God's ministry; if he wants it up and running, He will provide all the resources. He can close the doors or open them wider if He wants especially to those who involved their selves to ministry, trust the lord to open another door for another work, then as a man of God take all the advantages to minister where ever you go. After all you have done for the ministry for your family for your wife even sometimes you are under attack , if you put God first then He will guide you every time and HE will provides. We believe that even you are a man of God still bad spirit is along your way, and if you are a married man you can still have restoring marriage seminars for you to maintain your married life as happy as you wish for together with your ministry.